Intern Program 2019- Week 2

Bernardo here-I am back for the Summer! Fun fact: there are currently five Bernardos working in the Aon Center, in Chicago. I am one of them and I’m an Intern working with the continuous improvement team in logistics. Here is a picture of the problem I am trying to minimize. Extra points if you can guess what it is:

Originally from Rio de Janeiro, I study Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science at WashU in St. Louis. I also interned at Kraft Heinz last Summer, but with the sales intelligence team. I had a great time last year, and feel like I am learning even more this time around. It is also really exciting to see my former intern class again this summer!

The thing I have enjoyed the most so far is a warehouse visit I went on two weeks into the internship. It allowed me to get away from the oceans of data for a day and get a better understanding of the business. It gave me a quick glimpse into the intricacies and challenges of operating a warehouse, and gave me a much better idea of how my project can add value to Kraft Heinz.

If you ever find yourself at Kraft Heinz in Chicago, come find me if you ever want to play some tennis or talk some logistics!


Hey everyone, its Alicyn Mabry from Chicago! I am an intern with category marketing on the desserts team, with a focus on JELL-O products for my project this summer!

One of the coolest opportunities I have had so far is getting to see the Wienermobile. It was truly a dream come true. Another exciting thing is that I got to go out to Glenview and do taste tests for all our desserts! Yum!

These past few weeks have been so fun exploring Chicago- especially now that the weather is getting nicer. This past weekend, I went on a bike ride along the lake and it was awesome. But my favorite thing about Chicago is getting to see “The Bean” on my way to work!

Talk to you all later,



Hi there!

Welcome to a week in the life of a Kraft Heinz intern. My name is Taylor Lake reporting live from Chicago! This summer I am interning as a Category Marketer with Kraft Heinz’s plant-based meat alternative brands, like BOCA, Yummm!

As for this week, Monday truly kicked it off to a great start as I got to sit in on KHC’s Springboard Start-Up day and learn all about the incubator program’s unique cohorts. Yes, the pitches were outstanding, but my favorite part was the out-of-the-box, plant-based ideas that applied directly to my project… oh, and sampling these delicious products of course! After a productive Tuesday, a couple of my fellow interns and I took advantage of the sunny Chicago afternoon and walked to grab some Chicago famous burgers. Wednesday flew by with a schedule full of training and a Welcome to the Team Happy Hour to finish the day off! No better way to get to know your coworkers than playing the “what’s your favorite…” game. If you were wondering, Les Mis was a unanimous favorite when it came to musicals… no brainer. Thursday and Friday were filled with intern activities from lunch in the park to getting creative with our Case Study presentations and ending the week cheering on Donatello and Rafael at turtle racing… Donatello never won but Leo was an intern fan favorite! It amazes me how even after a long week of hard work, Kraft Heinz still brings the fun!


Signing off,

Taylor 😊

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