Trainee Program 2019 Week 2

Hey there, my name’s Rachel! Just as we got the hang of finding our way around downtown Chicago, the Manufacturing Trainees were sent on an adventure around the Midwest to explore some of our plants! We were split into two groups; my group visited Muscatine, IA and Davenport, IA. We met with managers and supervisors from almost every aspect of the plant operations. It was great having the opportunity to talk extensively with manufacturing leadership and see ownership in action.

Connors 2.jpg

The first plant we visited, Muscatine, is the oldest operating plant in the Kraft Heinz network – the facility was constructed in 1892! I learned a lot from touring the facility and sitting in on meetings. Afterwards, we grabbed dinner in the quaint downtown district of Muscatine and had some sweet views of the Mississippi river.

The Davenport plant, on the other hand, was constructed just a few years ago. We toured their facility and job shadowed operators on the line, which was a great way to see day to day operations and begin thinking about our projects, that we’ll learn more about in a couple weeks. The leadership team was really welcoming and knowledgeable. They held a happy hour for us after work, which gave us the chance to talk more candidly with leadership members and pull additional insights. Both plant visits were really insightful and better prepared us for what to expect when we go off to our own plants in a few short weeks.

Connors 1

We ended the week back in downtown Chicago at the Aon Center with a meal-packing event. Kraft Heinz has partnered with Rise Against Hunger to help end hunger in developing countries across the world. It was such a rewarding feeling to contribute to Kraft Heinz’s goal of providing one billion meals by 2021 and to help grow a better world.

Ketchup with us next week!

– Rachel Connors

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