Trainee Program 2019- Week 3

Hi! My name is Sydney Wicklacz and I am coming at you live from the Minneapolis office. Minneapolis is a fantastic, vibrant city full of world-class museums, innovative restaurants and is home to the best city park system in the entire country. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, this sounds great! And it is; which is why I am excited to join the Kraft Heinz Team here in Minneapolis. This is the first week that our trainee cohort spent apart from each other. Though we miss spending time together, we are all excited to get to know our home offices and learn more about our individual projects.

To start off the week I headed to our downtown office full of coffee and excitement. A fellow new coworker introduced me to the entire Minneapolis team and gave me an introduction to our customer and my team role. Then, we did an in-depth walkthrough of a local grocery store looking over all our products – seeing how they are placed and what promotions were active. It was great to see our complete portfolio from the view of our consumer.

Over the next two days a fellow Minneapolis trainee and I shadowed, two Customer Retail Managers in the Minneapolis area. They work with several local grocery stores. These grocery stores all cater to different customers and each have their own unique flair. It was interesting to see the differences between the promotional strategies across each store and how each customer prioritizes our products. They had both formed close relationships with their store managers and were able leverage that relationship to help get Kraft Heinz products into the hands of consumers. One store had a fantastic display using our JET-PUFFED marshmallows featuring a light up bonfire equipped with roasting forks and everything else needed to make the perfect s’more. When you see displays like this, it is obvious that the in-store team members can affect our consumer’s product perception. This first week has been a great introduction to my role and has helped garner greater insight into how the Minneapolis office functions and where I fit into the piece of the pie.

This is bye from me now, but I’ll see you on the flipside,

Sydney Wicklacz

Sydney 1.jpg

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