Internship Program 2019- Week 3

Hi everyone! My name is Stuti and I’m an economics major at Princeton University. Here at Kraft Heinz I’m with the procurement finance team working on setting standards for the 2020 Annual Operating Plan!

I can’t rave enough about the past three weeks in the office. My project, to set the 2020 standard prices, has significant impact on our budgeting process for the upcoming year, and I’m so excited to have this responsibility as an intern. The first week flew by getting adjusted to the standard setting process (which I was originally unfamiliar with), but in the past two weeks I can really feel the thrill of being on a steep learning curve. I get a kick out of a good challenge, and love that I’m slowly but surely understanding the technical models we use in procurement finance.

The procurement finance team is extremely busy and works very hard every single day, and that’s why I must give my team a special shout-out for creating a fun atmosphere and making me feel so included right from the get-go. From taking hydration breaks together throughout the day to playing kickball on a Friday afternoon, I’m so thankful to have developed a close relationship with my team in the office and really look forward to seeing them every day!

I’ve also gotten as close to my intern cohort as I have to my work team. My fellow 2019 interns are nothing short of amazing and it’s been fantastic to have opportunities to bond with them outside of the office, whether we’re at home in our apartment or exploring Chicago together. It’s quite a feeling to be surrounded by such inspiring and hard-working colleagues who have quickly become dear friends.

As for living in Chicago itself, wow. My family and I used to live in Chicago back in 1999, and it’s been quite a sentimental feeling for me to return to this amazing city after exactly 20 years. Summertime Chicago is especially BEAUTIFUL, and I can’t wait to make the most of the rest of my time here with my friends and colleagues!

Stuti 1.jpg

It’s our third work here at Kraft Heinz and the summer is flying by! My name is Samantha and I am here to give you a glimpse into the busy life as a Kraft Heinz Intern. I recently finished up my junior year at Northwestern University where I’m studying Learning and Organizational Change and Psychology, minoring in Business, with a certificate in Integrated Marketing Communications. As the President of Spoon University, which is Northwestern’s food publication, and an avid Chicago restaurant explorer, I am the walking definition of a foodie and I am excited to take my love of food to the next level at Kraft Heinz.

This past week was very exciting for all of Kraft Heinz as we welcomed our new CEO. After hearing him speak about his excitement for what is to come, Kraft Heinz employees got to celebrate with a visit from the OSCAR MAYER Wienermobile! It was my first time seeing it, so I was overly excited and took a thousand pictures. I also got a free hot dog from the CEO himself who personally asked me if we get a picture of the two of us. I also tried Kraft Heinz’s MAYOCHUP condiment for the first time on my hot dog and boy was it delicious!

The excitement did not end there. On Friday morning, all the interns and trainees got together for a day of service where we took time to aid our mission of growing a better world. Kraft Heinz teamed up with our partner, Rise Against Hunger, to pack thousands of meals through our Micronutrient Campaign. With bumping music and a little friendly competition, our cohorts were able to together pack over 25,000 meals that will be sent across the globe to fight for the end of world hunger. I loved seeing Kraft Heinz’s corporate social responsibility come to life and getting the chance to be a part of it. This experience was extremely inspiring and allowed me to see the difference Kraft Heinz, and my cohort, can make in our world.

Not only do us interns work hard, but we play hard too! Over the weekend, the interns spent the hot Saturday at Oak Street beach getting our tans on! We couldn’t get over the fact that we were on the beach and in the city at the same time. While I got extremely sunburnt, the sun was definitely worth it after weeks of Chicago rain. On Sunday, all the interns went out to support the LGBTQ community and Kraft Heinz in the Pride Parade! While the rain ended up shutting down the Kraft Heinz float, it couldn’t keep us interns from dancing in the rain the entire afternoon.

While only week three of the internship program, I could not be happier to be spending my summer at Kraft Heinz. As I continue to grow and step outside of my comfort zone, every employee has been so supportive and has pushed me past my own boundaries. Not only have I developed countless skills and excelled in ways I’ve never thought possible, but I have found a true family within my cohort. As the weeks continue to fly by I am eager to see where my internship experience takes me, and I can’t wait for all the memories that are yet to come. Thank you, Kraft Heinz, for giving me the experience of a lifetime.

Thanks for reading and I’d love to ketchup again in a few weeks,

SamanthaSamantha 1.jpg

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