Internship Program 2019- Week 3

Hi! My name is Ellen McRobbie. I’m a chemical engineering major at Texas A&M University, and I’m currently an Intern in Garland, Texas!

This summer, I’m working on the continuous improvement team. My project is centered around tomato paste usage in BBQ sauce production. I’ve loved learning the ins and outs of BBQ sauce and meeting the many people that contribute to successful production. I’ve also been working on two smaller projects with the other intern at my plant. For these tasks, I’ve spent time in the OSCAR MAYER products side of the plant and learned more about LUNCHABLES products production.

Working at the Garland plant has been an eye-opening experience. I’m fascinated by the many departments and numerous moving parts that operate here 24/7. I’m trying to listen, learn, and contribute as much as possible.

I’m loving my summer in the Dallas area! I grew up in Houston, but never spent much time in Dallas, so I’ve enjoyed getting to explore the city.

I cannot believe my internship is almost halfway over, and I’m so excited for the rest of my summer with Kraft Heinz!



Hi! I’m Sarah!  I started my fourth week at the MAXWELL HOUSE coffee plant in Jacksonville, FL this week. The time has flown by, and I am finally getting used to the hot summer weather in Florida. This plant is the sole producer of MAXWELL HOUSE coffee and its premium coffee product brands such as GEVALIA. We take in more than 5 million pounds of coffee a week, roast and grind it to produce over 392,300 cases of coffee a week.

Sarah 3.jpg

This week, I started the analyze phase of my six-sigma project. My project is focused around eliminating overpack in our two largest coffee cans while still maintaining a target speed on our can filler. I began my week by going out to the lines and collecting data from our automated weight system in the filler and collecting data from quality suites. I then began to analyze this data as well as the data I had collected the week before in Minitab and Excel.

Sarah 1.jpg

Outside of work, I have been exploring Jacksonville and the surrounding vacation destinations. I went to the beach on Tuesday after work and attempted to put together a tent on the beach with one of my local friends (see below). I also went to Riverside Arts Market this weekend and enjoyed local entertainment and food.

Sarah 2

Hope this week wasn’t to cheesy for you, and don’t forget to KETCHUP with us next week!

(I hope I wasn’t too punny, but I was just trying to be krafty)

Sarah 4.jpgSarah 6.jpg
Sarah 5

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