Trainee Program 2019- Week 3

My name is Stephen LaBonia and I am a graduate from the University of Florida with a degree in chemical engineering. I will be working in the Glenview R&D facility so I won’t be far from where training is in Chicago!

As for this week in training, we had the opportunity to hear from many different departments in Kraft Heinz, ranging from logistics to warehousing. It was interesting hearing about how different sections of the company interact with each other and what each of them do. Another amazing experience was hearing from many different area leaders and learn what plants make which products. One thing that shocked me was learning how close the factory that makes BAGEL BITES products was to my home town in Florida!

Outside of work, the other trainees and I continued our exploration of Chicago from our week away doing plant visits. We went to a local bar where we were able to play games and talk with the University Relations team as well as other Kraft Heinz employees. Below is a picture taken there that shows a great view of our office building and the Bean! Overall, the trainee program has been a blast, and I’m excited to start my career at Kraft Heinz! Stephen

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