Trainee Program 2019- Week 4

Hey guys, welcome back!

I’m Abby and I’m here to tell you all about our last week in Chicago for our formal program training. This week we spent learning about lean six sigma and received our yellow-belt training. Our instructor has worked with trainees in the past as well as assisted lots of companies on improvement projects. We learned a variety of tools to be used in each step of the DMAIC process and participated in a multiday simulation. The simulation required us to work through materials, scheduling, and distribution of a small company based on forecasts, and later incorporated different techniques we learned in our classes. It was crazy how helpful a few changes could make processes, and gave us an idea of the bigger supply chain picture. I think I speak for everyone when saying that this week helped us feel much more prepared for the tasks we will take on in the plants.  

The week was bittersweet as we prepared to leave Chicago and the amazing HQ office to head to our plants. We had a few last happy hours and meals together before leaving Friday morning to go to our respective locations. Although I will miss everyone, I am so excited to hear from them about their jobs and projects throughout the next few months and see them all in November for the program graduation! I also am looking forward to getting started in my plant, which is in Muscatine, Iowa. There we make HEINZ ketchup and a variety of other sauces, and I will be working on a yellow-belt project regarding ketchup specs and holds. Stay tuned with us for next week to hear all about our first week at our plants and new cities!


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